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1 Analysing the mechanisms of sludge digestion enhanced by iron 郝晓地,曹达啟 2017-06-16 Water Research
2 The removal of typical pollutants in secondary effluent by the combined process of PAC-UF 孙丽华 2017-06-15 Water Science & Technology
3 The behavior of phosphate adsorption and its reactions on the surfaces of Fe-Mn oxide adsorbent 杜晓丽 2017-06-10 Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
4 Batch influences of exogenous hydrogen on both acidogenesis andmethanogenesis of excess sludge 郝晓地,曹达啟 2017-06-06 Chemical Engineering Journal
5 Historical Characteristics of Contamination and Risk of Heavy 孙丽华 2017-06-01 Bull Environ Contam Toxicol
6 Pollutant-removal performance and variability of DOM quantity andcomposition with traditional ecological concrete (TEC) and improvedmulti-aggregate eco-concrete (IMAEC) revetment treatments 袁冬海 2017-06-01 Ecological Engineering
7 Research on Online Safety Precaution Technology of a High-medium Pressure Gas Regulator 郝学军 2017-06-01 Journal of Thermal Science
8 A full-scale integrated-bioreactor with two zones treating odours from sludge thickening tank and dewatering house performance and microbialcharacteristics 刘建伟 2017-05-01 Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering
9 Membrane recovery of alginate in an aqueous solution by the addition of calcium ions: Analyses of resistance reduction and fouling mechanism 曹达啟,郝晓地 2017-04-22 Journal of membrane science
10 Energy saving potential of a counter-flow regenerative evaporative cooler for various climates of China: Experiment-based evaluation 段之殷,陈红兵 2017-04-17 Energy and Buildings
11 Toughness Dominated Hydraulic Fracture in Permeable Rocks X Dong(外),段之殷 2017-04-02 Journal of Applied Mechanics
12 Interactions between copper(II) and DOM in the urban stormwater runoff: modeling and characterizations 赵晨,王崇臣,李俊奇,王鹏 2017-03-06 Environmental Technology
13 Modelling and optimization of land use/land cover change in a developing urban catchment 许萍,高飞(学),何俊超(外),任心欣(外),习伟进(学) 2017-03-01 Water Science & Technology
14 Sorption of Triclosan to Carbon Nanotubes Combined Effects of Sonication, Functionalization and Solution Chemistry 李海燕,张晓然 2017-02-20 Sicenc of the total environment
15 Syntheses and photocatalytic performances of four coordination complexes constructed from 1,10-phenanthroline and polycarboxylic acids 宋晓旭(学),王崇臣,徐雪艳(学),景焕平(学),王鹏,高士杰 2017-02-13 Transition Metal Chemistry
16 Study on the organics adsorption capacities of powdered activated carbon and activated coke in reclaimed water 冯萃敏,金纪玥(学),孙丽华 2017-02-10 Desalination and Water Treatment
17 Two zigzag chain-like lanthanide(III) coordination polymers based on the rigid 1,3-adamantanedicarboxylic acid ligand: crystal structure,luminescence and magnetic properties 李珺娇(学),李珺娇(学生)(学),王崇臣,郭婕(学),崔京蕊(学),王鹏 2017-02-02 Polyhedron
18 2Experiment Investigation on Influence of Filling Ratio and Working Fluid Thermal Properties on Starting up and heat transferring performance of Closed Loop Plate Oscillating Heat Pipe with Parallel Channels 史维秀 2017-01-31 Journal of Thermal Science
19 Two novel 2D coordination polymers constructed from 5-aminoisophthalic acid and 4,4'-bipyridyl ligands: syntheses, crystal structure, and photocatalytic performance 徐道鑫(学),徐道鑫(本人研究生)(学),王崇臣,王鹏 2017-01-30 Journal of Molecular Structure
20 The synergistic adsorption of pyrene and copper onto Fe(III)functionalized mesoporous silica from aqueous solution 张紫阳,张晓然,李海燕 2017-01-20 Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
21 Transport of stabilized iron nanoparticles in porous media: Effects of surface and solution chemistry and role of adsorption Zhang M.(外),郝晓地 2017-01-02 Journal of Hazardous Materials
22 Three two-dimensional coordination polymers constructed from transition metals and 2,3-Norbornanedicarboxylic acid: hydrothermal synthesis, crystal structures and photocatalytic properties 张佳(学),王崇臣 2017-01-02 Journal of Molecular Structure
23 Experiment Investigation on Influence of Filling Ratio and Working Fluid Thermal Properties on Starting up and heat transferring performance of Closed Loop Plate Oscillating Heat Pipe with Parallel Channels 史维秀 2017-01-01 Journal of Thermal Science
24 Influence of gravity-induced brine drainage on seawater ice desalination 杨晖 2016-12-25 Desalination
25 A review of thermal absorbers and their integration methods for the combined solar photovoltaic-thermal (PV-T) modules Jinshun Wu(外),徐鹏 2016-12-22 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
26 Effects of Bull Serum Albumin on corrosion of carbon steel under water with different Larson ratio 张雅君(外),孙丽华 2016-12-01 Bulgarian Chemical Communications
27 High efficient removal of lead from aqueous solution by preparation of novel PPG-nZVI beads as sorbents 李海燕,张晓然 2016-11-29 Colloids and Sueface A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
28 Experimental investigation on performance of fabrics for indirect evaporative cooling applications 徐鹏 2016-11-15 Building and Environment
29 High efficient removal of lead from aqueous solution by preparationof novel PPG-nZVI beads as sorbents 李海燕,张晓然 2016-10-27 Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
30 Trend of Metal-Organic Frameworks: A Bibliometric Analysis 王崇臣,Yuh-Shan Ho(外) 2016-09-09 Scientometrics
31 Transient Method for Determining Indoor Chemical Concentrations Based on SPME: Model Development and Calibration Cao Jianping(外),王立鑫 2016-09-06 Environmental Science & Technology
32 Experiment investigation on visualization and operating characteristics ofclosed loop plate oscillating heat pipe with parallel channels 史维秀 2016-09-01 journal of cetral south university
33 Fractional Characteristics of Heavy Metals Pb, Zn, Cu, and Cd in Sewer Sediment from Areas in Central Beijing, China 李海燕,张晓然 2016-08-31 Journal of Chemistry
34 Chemical characteristics of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in stormwater runoff of a typical residential area, Beijing 赵晨,王崇臣,李俊奇,王鹏 2016-08-18 Desalination and Water Treatment
35 Modeling of nitrous oxide production from mitritationreactors treating real anaerobic digestion liquor Wang Q.-L.(外),郝晓地 2016-08-16 Scientific Reports
36 An exploratory study on the pathways of Cr (VI) reduction in sulfate-reducing up-flow anaerobic sludge bed (UASB) reacto Qian J.(外),郝晓地 2016-08-16 Scientific Reports
37 Effects of carbon-to-sulfur (C/S) ratio and nitrate (N) dosage on Denitrifying Sulfur cycle-associated Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (DS-EBPR) Yu M.(外),郝晓地 2016-08-16 Scientific reports
38 Promoting the bio-cathode formation of a constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell by using powder activated carbon modified alum sludge in anode chamber Xu L.(外),郝晓地 2016-08-16 Scientific Reports
39 Numerical investigation of the energy performance of a guideless irregular heat and mass exchanger with corrugated heat transfer surface for dew point cooling 徐鹏 2016-08-15 Energy
40 The impacts of vehicle development on Beijing’sclimate change and relevant countermeasures 岳冠华 2016-08-08 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GLOBAL WARMING
41 Preparation and investigation on density and surface tension of quaternary bromides for concentrating solar power 熊亚选 2016-08-08 Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells
42 Selective uptake of organic dyes in a silver-based coordination polymer 张佳(学),王崇臣,王鹏,曹亚莉 2016-08-01 RSC Advances
43 Silver-based coordination complexes of carboxylate ligands: crystal structures, luminescence and photocatalytic properties 张佳(学),王崇臣,王鹏,高士杰 2016-07-22 Transition Metal Chemistry
44 A surface tension based method for measuring oil dispersant concentration in seawater. Cai Z.- Q.(外),郝晓地 2016-07-14 Marine Pollution Bulletin
45 Influence of Rainfall Characteristics on Total Suspended Solids in Urban Runoff: A Case Study in Beijing, China 宫永伟,李俊奇 2016-07-07 Water
46 Runoff pollutant characteristics and first flush analysis in different urban functional areas: a case study in China 许萍,何俊超(学),张雅君,张建强(学),孙昆鹏(学) 2016-07-03 Fresenius Environmental Bulletin
47 Study on improving thermal environment and energy conservation ofquadrangle adobe dwelling 张景(外),张金萍 2016-06-30 Energy and Buildings
48 Analysis and improvement of accuracy, sensitivity, and resolution of the coherent gradient sensing method Xuelin Dong(外),段之殷 2016-06-10 Applied Optics
49 Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter in Lake Baiyangdian Using Spectroscopic Techniques and Multivariate Statistical Analysis Jun Cui(学),袁冬海 2016-06-01 Clean-Soil,Air,Water
50 Cadmium removal from urban stormwater runoff via bioretention technology and effluent risk assessment for discharge to surface water 王建龙 2016-06-01 Journal of Contaminant Hydrology
51 Structural uncertainty in watershed phosphorus modeling Toward a stochastic framework Lei Chen(外),宫永伟 2016-06-01 Journal of Hydrology
52 Enterprise-level amount of energy saved targets in China: weaknesses 赵小凡(外),李惠民 2016-05-20 Journal of Cleaner Production
53 Multifunctional solar wall for dehumidification, heating and removal of formaldehyde: Part 1. System description, preparation and performance of SiO2/TiO2 adsorbent Bendong Yu(外),陈红兵 2016-05-18 Building and Environment
54 Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and methyl orange in a Zn(II)-based Metal–Organic Framework 王崇臣,王鹏,高士杰 2016-05-09 Desalination and Water Treatment
55 The corrosion changes under the influence of the bull serum albumin 张雅君(外),孙丽华 2016-05-07 basic and clinical pharmacology and toxicology
56 Performance analysis on a solar concentrating thermoelectric generator using the micro-channel heat pipe array Guiqiang Li(外),陈红兵 2016-05-01 Energy Conversion and Management
57 Experimental study of a counter-flow regenerative evaporative cooler 段之殷 2016-04-27 Building and Environment
58 Photocatalytic Cr(VI) Reduction in Metal-Organic Frameworks: A Mini-review 王崇臣 2016-04-22 Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
59 Characteristic study of a novel compact Solar Thermal Facade (STF) with internally extruded pin–fin flow channel for building integration J.Shen(外),徐鹏 2016-04-18 Applied Energy
60 China’s numerical management system for reducing national energy intensity 李惠民,Xiaofan Zhao(外),Yuqing Yu(外),Tong Wu(外) 2016-04-08 energy Policy
61 Hydrothermal syntheses and photocatalytic performance of three Mn-based coordination compounds constructed from 1,10-phenanthroline and polycarboxylic acids 王崇臣 2016-04-07 Transition Metal Chemistry
62 Influence of Temperature on the Removal of Extremely High Concentrationp-Nitrophenol Simulated Wastewater by Fe/Cu/H2O Systems Bo Lai(外),袁冬海 2016-04-01 Clean-Soil,Air,Water
63 Effects of bull serum albumin on corrosion of carbon steel under water with different 张雅君 2016-04-01 Bulgarian Chemical Communications
65 Electrocatalytic degradation of ibuprofen in aqueous solution by a cobalt-doped modified lead dioxide electrode: influencing factors and energy demand 王颖(外),李海燕 2016-03-13 RSC Advances
66 Investigating the spectral characteristic and humification degree of dissolved organic matter in saline-alkali soil using spectroscopic techniques Qiang LI(外),袁冬海 2016-03-01 Front. Earth Sci.
67 Destroying lignocellulosic matters for enhancing methane production from excess sludge 郝晓地,胡沅胜,曹达啟 2016-03-01 Environmental Technology
68 Enhancing anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic materials in excess sludge by bioaugmentation and pre-treatment 胡沅胜,郝晓地 2016-03-01 Waste Management
69 Removal of reactive dyes from wastewater assisted with kaolin clay by magnesium hydroxide coagulation process 李海燕 2016-02-11 Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects
70 Towards energy positive wastewater treatment by sludge treatment using free nitrous acid 王啟林(外),郝晓地 2016-02-01 Chemosphere
71 Two 1-D coordination polymers constructed from 3,3',4,4'-biphenyltetracarboxylic acid and 4,4’-bipyridine: hydrothermal syntheses and photocatalytic performance 张艳秋(研究生)(学),王崇臣 2016-01-15 Transition Metal Chemistry
72 Two Zinc based coordination compounds constructed from two azophenyl ligands: syntheses, crystal structure, and photocatalytic performance 王崇臣 2016-01-11 Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials
73 The influence of meteorology and phenology on net ecosystem exchange in an eastern Siberian boreal larch forest Baolin Xue(外),宫永伟 2016-01-05 Journal of Plant Ecology
74 The Greenhouse Gas Footprint of China’s Food System: An Analysis of Recent Trends and Future Scenarios 李惠民 2016-01-05 journal of industrial ecology
75 The consequence of energy policies in China: A case study of the iron and steel sector 王宇飞(外),李惠民 2016-01-05 Resources, Conservation and Recycling
76 Function of homoacetogenesis on the heterotrophic methane production with exogenous H2/CO2 involved Ranbin LIU(学),郝晓地 2016-01-04 Chemical Engineering Journal
77 The Integrated processes for wastewater treatment based on the principle of microbial fuel cells (MFCs): A Review. Xu L.(外),胡沅胜,郝晓地 2016-01-04 Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology
78 Degradation of ultrahigh concentration pollutant by Fe/Cu bimetallic system Bo Lai(外),袁冬海 2016-01-01 Korean?Journal of Chemical Engineering
79 Evaluation of the potential for operating a carbon neutral WWTP in China 郝晓地 2015-12-15 Water Research
80 Carbon neutrality: an achievable goal for sustainable wastewater treatment plants 郝晓地 2015-12-15 Water Research
81 A review of incorporation of constructed wetland with other treatment processes Liu R.-B.(外),郝晓地 2015-12-02 Chemical Engineering Journal
82 Resource recovery: efficient approaches to sustainable water and wastewater treatment 郝晓地 2015-12-01 Water Research
83 Numerical and experimental study on energy performance of photovoltaic-heat pipe solar collector in Northern China 陈红兵 2015-11-24 International Journal of Photoenergy
84 Adsorption characteristics of construction waste for heavy metals from urban stormwater runoff 王建龙 2015-11-07 Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering
85 A review of a recently emerged technology: Constructed wetland – Microbial fuel cells Doherty L(外),郝晓地 2015-11-02 Water Research
86 A comprehensive evaluation of input data-induced uncertainty in nonpoint source pollution modeling Lei Chen(外),宫永伟 2015-11-01 Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss
87 The early design stage for building renovation with a novel loop-heat-pipe based solar thermal facade (LHP-STF) heat pump water heating system: Techno-economic analysis in three European climates X.Zhang(外),徐鹏 2015-10-19 Energy Conversion and Management
88 Safety Analysis of Solar Module under Partial Shading Wei He(外),陈红兵 2015-10-15 International Journal of Photoenergy
89 Three silver complexes constructed from organic carboxylic acid and 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethane ligands: syntheses, crystal structures, and luminescent properties 张佳(王崇臣研究生)(学),王崇臣,王鹏 2015-10-14 Transition Metal Chemistry
90 A review of a recently emerged technology 胡沅胜,郝晓地 2015-10-05 Chemosphere
91 Influences of primary particle parameters and surfactant on aggregation behavior of nanoparticles in nanorefrigerant 彭浩 2015-09-01 Energy
92 Dissolved organic matter in urban stormwater runoff at three typical regions in Beijing: chemical composition, structural characterization and sources identification 赵晨(本人研究生)(学),王崇臣,李俊奇 2015-08-18 RSC Advances
93 The form-stable phase change materials based on polyethylene glycol and functionalized carbon nanotubes for heat storage 冯利利 2015-08-08 Applied Thermal Engineering
94 Experimental study on the thermal conductivity enhancement of water based nanofluids using different types of carbon nanotubes Xing,meibo(学),王瑞祥,Yu, Jianlin(外) 2015-07-04 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
95 Study on clean development mechanism (CDM) quantitative and sustainable mechanism 袁冬海 2015-07-01 Advances in Meteorology
96 Network analysis for a better water use configuration in the Baiyangdian Basin, China. Xufeng Mao(外),袁冬海 2015-07-01 Sustainability
97 Three coordination compounds of cobalt with organic carboxylic acids and 1,10- phenanthroline as ligands: syntheses, structures and photocatalytic properties 王崇臣,景焕平(学),张艳秋(学),王鹏,高士杰 2015-07-01 Transition Metal Chemistry
98 Iron-incorporated mesoporous silica for enhanced adsorption of tetracycline in aqueous solution 李海燕 2015-06-17 RSC Advances
99 Particle size distribution and characteristics of heavy metals in road-deposited sediments from Beijing Olympic Park 李海燕 2015-06-16 Journal of Environmental Sciences
100 Bioelectrochemically-assisted anaerobic composting process enhancing compost maturity of dewatered sludge with synchronous electricity generation Yu H(外),郝晓地 2015-06-10 Bioresource Technology
101 Ultra-high uptake and selective adsorption of organic dyes with a novel polyoxomolybdate-based organic–inorganic hybrid compound 张艳秋(本人研究生)(学),王崇臣,朱钿(学),王鹏,高士杰 2015-05-20 RSC Advances
102 The  shape-stabilized  phase  change  materials  composed  of polyethylene  glycol  and  graphitic  carbon  nitride  matrices 冯利利 2015-05-14 Thermochimica  Acta
103 Detection of Copper (II) and Cadmium (II) binding to dissolved organic matter from macrophyte decomposition by fluorescence excitationemission matrix spectra combined with parallel factor analysis 袁冬海 2015-05-01 Environmental Pollution
104 How a long narrow constructed wetland purifies the irrigation return water: a case study of the Ulansuhai Lake, China. Xufeng Mao(外),袁冬海 2015-05-01 Advances in Meteorology
105 Active Solar Thermal Facades (ASTFs): From concept, application to research questions x. Zhang(外),徐鹏 2015-04-23 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
106 Emission reduction effects of biogas micro-digesters: a case study of rural households in Kaixian, China 袁冬海 2015-04-16 Fresenius Environmental Bulletin
107 Four Coordination Compounds Constructed from 1,10-phenanthroline and semi-flexible and flexible carboxylic acid: hydrothermal synthesis, optical properties and photocatalytic performance 王崇臣,张艳秋(学),王鹏,高士杰 2015-04-13 Polyhedron
108 Foulant Characteristics Comparison in Recycling Cooling Water System Makeup by Municipal Reclaimed Water and Surface Water in Power Plant 许萍,王婧(学),张雅君,王杰(学),司帅(学) 2015-04-01 Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry
109 Nitrogen dynamics model for a pilot field-scale novel dewatered alum sludge cake-based constructed wetland system JLG Kumar(外),胡沅胜 2015-03-19 Environmental Technology
110 Purification-efficient-based hydroecoregion  in a lake of  irrigation return water, China Xufeng Mao(外),袁冬海 2015-03-16 Fresenius Environmental Bulletin
111 Using spectra technologies to investigate the spatial distribution variability of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in lake Baiyangdian, China 袁冬海 2015-03-01 Fresenius Environmental Bulletin
112 Comparative study of a novel liquid–vapour separator incorporated gravitational loop heat pipe against the conventional gravitational straight and loop heat pipes – Part II: Experimental testing and simulation model validation X.Zhang(外),徐鹏 2015-01-11 Energy Conversion and Management
113 Ex-post assessmentofChina'sindustrialenergyefficiency policies during the11thFive-YearPlan 郁宇青(外),李惠民 2015-01-02 Energy Policy
114 Photocatalytic CO2reduction in metal–organic frameworks: A mini review 王崇臣 2014-12-19 Journal of Molecular Structure
115 Comparative study of a novel liquid–vapour separator incorporated gravitational loop heat pipe against the conventional gravitational straight and loop heat pipes – Part I: Conceptual development and theoretical analyses X.Zhang(外),徐鹏 2014-11-18 Energy Conversion and Management
116 Enhancing the CH4 yield of anaerobic digestion via endogenous CO2 fixation by exogenous H2 胡沅胜,郝晓地 2014-11-06 Chemosphere
117 Series Metal-Organic Frameworks Constructed from 1,10-phenanthroline and 3,3'4,4'-biphenyltetracarboxylic acid: Hydrothermal Synthesis, Luminescence and Photocatalytic Properties 王崇臣,景焕平(学),王鹏 2014-11-05 Journal of Molecular Structure
118 Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue in ZIF-8 景焕平(王崇臣的硕士研究生)(学),王崇臣 2014-11-05 RSC Advances
119 Characterization and removal of dissolved organic matter in a vertical flow constructed wetland 杜晓丽 2014-11-01 Ecoligical Engineering
120 Numerical simulation of horizontal tube bundle falling film flow 陈敬东(学),牛润萍 2014-09-11 Renewable Energy
121 Integral stormwater management master plan and design in an ecological community 车武 2014-09-01 Journal of Environmental Sciences
122 The spectral characteristics of dissolved organic matter from sediments in Lake Baiyangdian, North China 袁冬海 2014-09-01 Journal of Great Lakes Research
123 Photocatalytic Organic Pollutants Degradation in Metal-Organic Frameworks 王崇臣,李建荣(外),郭广生(外) 2014-09-01 energy and environmental science
124 Mechanism of removal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products by nanofiltration membranes 杨海燕 2014-08-28 Desalination and Water Treatment
125 Socio-economic performance of a novel solar photovoltaic/loop-heat-pipe heat pump water heating system in three different climatic regions X.Zhang(外),Xingxing Zhang(外),徐鹏 2014-08-18 Applied Energy
126 Sorption behavior of carbon nanotubes: Changes induced by functionalization, sonication and natural organic matter Melanie Kah(外),张晓然,Thilo Hofmann(外) 2014-08-14 Science of The Total Environment
127 Three silver-based complexes constructed from organic carboxylic acid and 4,4'-bipyridine-like ligands: syntheses, structures and photocatalytic properties 王崇臣,景焕平(学),王鹏 2014-07-01 Journal of Molecular Structure
128 Experimental study on heat and moisture transfer in soil during soil heat charging for solar-soil source heat pump compound system 陈红兵 2014-06-05 Applied Thermal Engineering
129 Investigating the spatial variability of dissolved organic matterquantity and composition in Lake Wuliangsuhai Xu-jing Guo(外),袁冬海 2014-04-01 Ecological Engineering
130 A review of oil, dispersed oil and sediment interactions in the aquatic environment: Influence on the fate, transport and remediation of oil spills 宫艳艳(外),郝晓地 2014-02-02 Marine Pollution Bulletin
131 Enhanced nitrogen removal in a non-planted modified extended tidal flow constructed wetland 杜晓丽 2014-02-01 Fresenius Environmental Bulletin
132 Decomposition of tert-butyl hydroperoxide into tert-butyl alcohol and O2 catalyzed by birnessite-type manganese oxides: Kinetics and activity Lin Qi(外),冯利利 2014-01-30 Catalysis Communications
133 Adsorption of Methylene Blue and Methyl Violet by Camellia seed powder: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies 王崇臣 2014-01-29 Desalination and Water Treatment
134 Regional disparities and carbon “outsourcing”: The political economy of China’s energy policy 李惠民 2014-01-28 Energy
135 Implementation of energy-saving policies in China:How local governments assisted industrial enterprises in achieving energy-saving targets 赵小凡(外),李惠民 2014-01-23 Energy Policy
136 Robust biological nitrogen removal by creating multiple tides in a single bed tidal flow constructed wetland 胡沅胜 2014-01-01 Science of the Total Environment
137 Achieving high-rate autotrophic nitrogen removal via Canon process in a modified single bed tidal flow constructed wetland 胡沅胜 2014-01-01 Chemical Engineering Journal